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ROQUE CIRQUE is one of a kind  high flying aerial cirque show combined with a live band rock tribute of all the classics from the 70's and 80's.  Enjoy two shows in one as you watch rockin' routines on Silks, Lyra, Hammock, Spanish Web and many dance routines combined with live band and high rock vocals of all your favorite classic rock songs. 



Ms. Bainbridge amazes not only with her graceful, fluid dancing, but even more her skill and courage on the silks, when she winds her body to the ceiling, swings and turns with serene confidence, then plunges to the floor, catching herself inches from that hard surface and earning appreciative gasps and applause from the audience. -Tampa Bay Times

At one point, aerialist Emily Bainbridge whirls down from the ceiling so close to audience members, they catch a breeze from her fall. 

-Tampa Bay Times

Trenton Bainbridge is a charming Pippin, with a voice as pure and clear as the innocent, naive young prince he portrays and a six-pack to rival Hugh Jackman’s. -Tampa Bay Times

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